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Miou - conveyor belt Source factory R & D customization
Excellent product performanceThe interface is smooth, the type is complete, personalized customization.

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Exceptional performance excellenceSpecial custom cold resistant and heat-resistant food antistatic
  • High temperature conveyor beltHigh temperature conveyor belt
  • Food conveyor beltFood conveyor belt
  • Antistatic conveyor beltAntistatic conveyor belt
  • Cold resistant conveyor beltCold resistant conveyor belt
  • Cut-resistant conveyor beltCut-resistant conveyor belt
High temperature conveyor belt High temperature conveyor belt The high temperature resistant conveyor belt includes a silicone conveyor belt and a Teflon conveyor belt, both of which are high temperature resistant conveyor belts and can withstand high temperatures of 250-300 degrees Celsius. Often used to transport food, there are some products that need high temperature resistance, 查看详情在线沟通
Food conveyor belt Food conveyor belt Food grade conveyor belts are the most widely used in the food industry. Food conveyor belts are used to transport various foodstuffs and products, also called conveyor belts. Commonly used are: vegetables, snack foods, beer, seafood and aquatic products, including PVC, PU, Silicone, Teflon and other materials. 查看详情在线沟通
Antistatic conveyor belt Antistatic conveyor belt Antistatic conveyor belts are mostly used in products that require antistatic, clothing and electronics industry applications, and Miou antistatic conveyors with antistatic testing reports, safe and secure. 查看详情在线沟通
Cold resistant conveyor belt Cold resistant conveyor belt The cold-resistant conveyor belt is used for low-temperature use scenarios. The conveyor belt manufacturer Miou has developed a new type of cold-resistant conveyor belt. This conveyor belt can be used in an environment of minus 40 ° C. It has a third-party inspection report, which is safe and reliable. 查看详情在线沟通
Cut-resistant conveyor belt Cut-resistant conveyor belt The wear-resistant conveyor belt is widely used in the logistics industry. Its advantage is that it has high-performance wear-resisting characteristics, and the cutting-resistant conveyor belt is mainly made of PVK material. Mio self-developing PVK double-sided conveyor belt and PKV single-sided conveyor belt, 查看详情在线沟通
Witness of many industriesTo witness tens of millions of customers in various industries
  • Light conveyor belt
    Light conveyor belt is a conveyor conveyor conventional product, widely used in hundreds of industries, mainly PVC conveyor belt, common color is green, multi-color optional, thickness can be customized, performance can be adjusted, low cost, high performance, easy to install With diversified customization features, it is enough for regular transportation, and is well received by customers. Mio is a conveyor belt manufacturer, raw material manufacturer, with advanced technology and research and development level.
  • Food conveyor belt
    The food conveyor belt is used in all major food industries. The Miou food conveyor belt has the FDA food certificate. The factory has passed the strict conveyor belt inspection device to ensure the safety and stability of the products. The conveyor belt manufacturer Miou provides you with high-quality products and perfect services. ,
  • Treadmill belt
    As a manufacturer of treadmill belts, Mio has more than ten years of history, has independent research and development capabilities, customized a variety of treadmill belts, improved and perfect research and development, thickness ranging from 1.4-3.2, many patterns of color optional, treadmill belt Manufacturer, preferred Miou.
Deep customization of special developmentCustomized production according to the special needs of the environment
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  • In the saleProvide technical advice Confirm the client’s requirement Provide the solution Finishing the order
  • After saleProvide the following service Detail with the problem, maintain and adjust Make the product worthy with it’s value
Go into MioLeading the new navigation mark in the conveyor belt field
The company is a conveyor belt manufacturer, which consists of two brands, Miou and Kunye. It is committed to the customized production of light conveyor belts, conveyor belts and conveyor belts. Customize the pattern, thickness and color of the material.
Industry video & Company Photo AlbumStrength speaks brand packaging certificate rest assured
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